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James Tanner: Bringing it all together

In 2008, Etihad Airways embarked on a worldwide search for leading design agency partners to design their future cabin interiors for their new fleet of Airbus A380s, the first of which went into service in December 2014. After a global pitch process, Etihad chose to adopt a consortium approach and formed the ‘Etihad Design Consortium’ or EDC. The EDC incorporated three companies: Factorydesign, Acumen and Honour Branding. Honour Branding was tasked with coordinating the project,...
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ACMC review

The Aircraft Cabin Maintenance Conference brought together, for this first time, the worlds of contemporary cabin design with the complex maintenance issues that surround modern aircraft interiors, resulting in a very insightful day. Read what happened in our Storify story: [View the story “The Aircraft Cabin Maintenance Conference” on Storify]

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