ACMC 2016

Speaking at ACMC 2016, Thomas Steiner discussed how Lantal is pioneering the integration of smart textiles into seating

Welcome to the world of Lantal

Lantal is a global leader in the design, production, and distribution of textiles, parts, and services for the international community of aircraft, bus and railway operators. This leading position is a result of its single-minded commitment to the well-being and health of passengers, combined with world-class design capabilities.

Founded in 1886 and headquartered in Langenthal, Switzerland, Lantal’s undivided attention as a manufacturer of premium textiles is dedicated to interiors that move people in two ways: physically and emotionally. Lantal’s declared mission is to make travelers on the go feel at home and at ease. The company offers tailor-made cabins and services. You can rely on Lantal for all interior assets, such as upholstery fabrics, velvets, natural and artificial leathers, woven and hand-tufted carpets, headrest covers, curtains, wall coverings, and coach headliners in handsome patterns and infallibly tasteful color combinations.

The Pneumatic Comfort System (PCS), one of Lantal’s groundbreaking innovations, has established a strong position in the premium market. Respected airlines and leading seat manufacturers have recognized its unique benefits because it addresses several aircraft industry needs at the same time, and passenger feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. But the principle is remarkably simple: Air-filled cushions replace conventional seat foams. Not only do they reduce the weight of the seat and operating costs but they also greatly increase a passenger’s comfort, health and well-being. The system provides superior comfort for the passenger. Passengers can adjust the level of seating comfort individually: harder for sitting, softer for relaxing, and soft for sleeping in a comfortable, totally lie-flat position. The PCS pressure sensors can also detect passenger size and weight and adjust the optimal levels accordingly. A further benefit is that a massage function is incorporated. Moreover, the impermeable cushion also helps to improve cabin hygiene; it absorbs no liquids and therefore prevents fungus and bad odors.

For future innovations Lantal has been inspired by the industry of e-textiles.These smart textiles, which are also known as smart fabrics, offer added value to the wearer through embedded digital components and electronics. Smart textiles are not only becoming more important in sportswear but are also gaining significance for today’s aircraft cabins. It is Lantal’s vision to help create “smart cabins”. In the future it will be possible to embed sensors into Lantal materials that will measure a passenger’s pulse and temperature. When combining this information with pressure sensor data from the PCS, indicating passenger movements, it will become possible to measure well-being and in cases of medical emergencies to alert the cabin crew.

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