ACMC 2015

Peter Ruitenberg of ADSE, who spoke at the ACMC 2015, provided an insight into the availability of spares and the support provided by OEMs

Peter Ruitenberg: OEM support and spares availability

It was a pleasure to be invited to the Aircraft Cabin Maintenance Conference, where we were able to provide some insight on topics mostly not disclosed, as they are not the kind of marketing that companies are looking for. The conference provided a wide variety of topics giving good insight into the various topics which have an influence on the maintenance and upgrade of interiors over the service life of an aircraft.

ADSE decided to cover the topic of availability of spares and the support provided by original equipment manufacturers. This topic is highly driven by the aircraft manufacturers, which demand high availability of parts as well as free replacement in case parts do not meet the required service level. There is a noticeable shift in attitude at present that the required support has ended due to guarantee demands from the aircraft manufacturers.

Airlines are looking to extend the operational life of their asset where interior suppliers are looking for refurbishments and replacements. This ‘conflict of interest’ makes airlines look for ways to keep their interior at a competitive level and at the same time keep efforts and costs at an acceptable level.

Mastering out-of-production product support is difficult for interior suppliers as there is a constant increase in demand from aircraft manufacturers, challenging the production capabilities of the suppliers. This is combined with ever increasing demands for new functionalities and more stringent weight requirements which are quite often not mastered as practice shows. At the same time, many individual suppliers are bought by larger suppliers, and the integration of the new company is a challenge in itself. All of this makes the position for all players in the market very complex, as all are under extreme pressure to perform.

Together with its partners, ADSE has developed a total interior support package that addresses these issues and provides a very well received service, which allows the original part manufacturers to learn and the airlines to keep costs down. The service also provides an estimated service life which allows planning for follow-up actions. The service offers turnkey support from design and manufacture to spares distribution/kitting up, certification and continuous airworthiness monitoring.

By Peter Ruitenberg, ADSE