ACMC 2016

At ACMC 2016 Paul Thorpe of digEcor spoke on the creation of an immersive passenger experience through IFE

Paul Thorpe: extraordinary IFE

It was a pleasure to address attendees of the Aircraft Cabin Maintenance Conference and outline the market drivers for, and philosophy of, digEcor’s array of scalable options to enable any airline to create a positive impact in passenger on-board experience.

IFE uptake is on the increase. The market is growing albeit segmenting into in seat or wifi as primary solutions. Our mission is to enable an airline to determine its own best solution by making the costs comparable rather than the determining factor.

Aircraft transitioning from one operator to another or being re-configured to better meet passenger demand or revenue opportunities drive cabin upgrade programs that may become complicated and even limited by the ability to re-configure existing in-flight entertainment (IFE) systems.

The case study reviewed the positive impact achieved on three lease transition aircraft that benefit from a lighter, more reliable and less costly in seat IFE system plus replacement PSS (Passenger Service Solution i.e. attendant call and reading light control) system with in seat power (laptop and 2.1A USB) as well as cabin LED lighting under EASA certification.

System modularity enables any combination of solutions to be selected in combination or independently to meet each airlines view as to how best to serve their passengers.

The market overview looked at the drivers for change from a passenger perspective and the narrowing of the cost delta between typical solutions that result. Airlines become challenged in brand messaging, passenger contact and loyalty should the passenger bring their own entertainment options creating the necessity for the airline take the lead by offering greater choice, control and connectivity.

Personalisation enables relational development with the passenger as well as enhanced data mining ability of passenger preferences to better enable delivery with demand. Variety in low cost passenger entertainment options are enabled by terabytes of system capacity and 21st century content media.

By Paul Thorpe, digEcor