ACMC 2015

PriestmanGoode's Maria Kafel Bentkowska discusses her involvement in this year's event.

Colour, Material and Finish

We were delighted to be invited to speak at the annual Aircraft Cabin Maintenance Conference in London again this year. 2014’s inaugural event had promised to focus on cross-industry collaboration, something that the breadth of speakers and attendees very much delivered on.

This year, we have decided to focus on materials in aviation and the importance they have in facilitating the maintenance of aircraft cabins.

Colour, Material and Finish (CMF) is one of the integral elements that complete the brand experience. It is the bridge between 2D branding and 3D customer experience. It’s a complex area and our work is as much about understanding materials and their properties, as understanding passenger behaviour, our clients and the way they operate.

Every airline is different – there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. As a result, we develop considered, bespoke solutions for each one of our projects. Our strength as a company lies in the fact that we cover every aspect of aircraft interior design from our headquarters in Central London, ranging from branding to material selection and design. We also work across various industries including transport and hospitality; we have an intimate knowledge of trends in the commercial sector that enables us to work closely with suppliers to push the boundaries of material development.

Through examples of PriestmanGoode’s wide range of aircraft interior projects, I will discuss the importance of specifying appropriate materials for different applications across the cabin, collaboration and joint problem-solving, understanding passenger behaviour and understanding your maintenance processes as a driver for solutions that are both fit for purpose and enhance the passenger experience.