Sitting Pretty

Chris Brady, MD at Acro Aircraft Seating, gives us a preview to his session
Acro Factorydesign Ultra XC

Chris Brady: Sitting Pretty


Of the two, which word is more important and when used together what do they mean?

Every airline wants lightweight seats, so let’s make seats lighter.

But before we do, let us think about what we’re being asked to do by the airline.

Acro Factorydesign Ultra XC

Acro Factorydesign Ultra XC

There’s a whole lot of meaning tied up in that word ‘seat’, and before we can make it light we need to be very clear about what that meaning tells us. We should probably also stop and ask why everyone wants a lightweight seat first, before ploughing on and just making one.

We at Acro have formed some strong views about seats over the years, including why the lightest weight doesn’t necessarily mean the best aircraft seat. A low-maintenance seat which offers robustness and comfort, in addition to being lightweight, is a far stronger proposition for today’s cost-conscious airline.

Hear more about this topic at Chris’s session, Sitting Pretty, at the Aircraft Cabin Maintenance Conference