ACMC 2014 review: At the sharp end

First and Business Class seats can help define an airline’s brand but they are becoming increasingly complex. Nigel Goode of PriestmanGoode discussed the challenges that this raises

Nigel Goode: At the sharp end

I was delighted to be invited to speak at the inaugural Aircraft Cabin Maintenance Conference in London at the end of last year. It promised to be an interesting event, with a great line up of speakers, and promoting cross industry collaboration, something I feel the conference very much delivered on.

Anyone working in the aviation industry will agree that it’s an incredibly demanding environment. On the one hand, you’re faced with stringent certification processes and regulations, and on the other, increasingly high customer expectations for better service, a better product and a lower price. Not to mention the lead times required to overhaul a cabin’s design.

Over the last few years, we’ve formed very close partnerships with a number of suppliers, manufacturers and airlines, and the process of creating a new product has changed from going from design agency to supplier to manufacturer to airline to instead become a collaborative approach, and this is something that seemed to be echoed throughout the presentations at Heathrow.

For instance, two of our latest projects, the Embraer E2 jet and the Qatar A380 Premium cabin and lounge are the results of very close partnerships with the manufacturer/airline’s own design, engineering and maintenance teams. Working in this way means you can better understand each party’s requirements, from the passenger point of view to the maintenance teams on the ground, and create better and more efficient products. A collaborative approach also leads to speedier resolutions, which is crucial in an industry faced with fast paced changes in customer expectations.

Embraer E2 jet PSUs

Embraer E2 jet PSUs

Qatar A380 Lounge
Qatar A380 Lounge

The conference provided a great forum for how we can encourage closer collaborations within the industry and I hope we will see more of this joined up thinking in the future.

(all images: PriestmanGoode)